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Access to Capital
Services include assistance in identifying domestic and global financing opportunities, private equity financing opportunities, equity financing opportunities; brokerage of financial transactions; and identification and closure of merger and acquisition transactions.
Access to Contracts
Services include assistance in identifying procurement opportunities, solicitation analysis, bid and proposal review, negotiation, assistance with proposal preparation, negotiation and closing, and research of contract award histories.
Strategic Business Consulting
Services include review of sales consulting and forecasting, of market feasibility studies, of operations management and quality control, of bid preparation and bonding (construction), and of manufacturing facility leasing.
Global Business Development
Services include assistance in identifying export markets, facilitation of global transactions, international trade missions and market analysis, and overseas market promotion assistance.
Access to Markets
Services include assistance with government procurement, private sector contract identification, 8(a) and other specialized ertification, and market research.

Success Story
“In 45 years of business and manufacturing, I’ve learned this about the following. Money follows knowledge not information; but like blood, when it runs out it’s all over. Knowledge exists only in application.  Management has to do with people and not techniques, procedures or policy. Survival is about having options and knowing your next steps. I am pleased that we have an Advanced Manufacturing Center in the Mid-Atlantic Region that gets that and is about connecting us with resources that will help manufacturers grow our businesses for today and tomorrow.”James Davenport, President, American Technology Corporation

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The center assists minority-owned manufacturing companies with consulting services, contract and financing opportunities, bonding services, building business-to-business alliances, global/ teaming/joint venture opportunities, and executive training.